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Just a little practice animation :D Was just for fun ~




My kitten, Patches, was attacked a few hours ago and one of his back legs is completely broken and his bottom half if attacked. He may only be a few months old, but he became part of the family yknow? 

I really don’t know how to explain any of this but if you can just reblog this post so people can notice… I wanna help him but it’s going to cost roughly around $3,500 is what the vet said. We don’t even know what exactly he’ll need but they’re only giving us until monday to come up with the money.

And I know it’s probably a lost cause, I get that, what with the amount and short amount of time but anything can help him and that’s all that matters, I don’t need to keep him, I jsut wanna help him. 

So, if you could donate just a $1 to help him, I’d greatly appreciate it. 

Under the cut is more images of him so you know what you’re donating towards.

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